Welcome Dialogue Christmas Party was on the news!

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The Welcome Dialogue Christmas Party made the news on Christmas Day 2017! I had posted an announcement about it on Facebook, and on the Saturday before Christmas someone from CBS 2 Chicago called and asked me if they could do a story on it. Of course, I said yes.

They said a news team would come over near the beginning of the party. I hung up the phone feeling stunned, but as I started telling people about it, I became happy and even more excited about Christmas Day than I had already been.

I told all my guests, making it clear that if they didn’t want to be on camera, they wouldn’t be. All of them were fine with being on tv.

Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar was interested in a gathering of strangers from all over the world celebrating Christmas. It’s unusual for a Chicagoan to open her home to strangers, especially on the biggest American holiday. Charlie interviewed me and my guests Sumayia Hassan from Bangladesh and Ahmed Albandawi from Iraq. Watch the video which was on the news on Christmas night as the second story! Doesn’t it make you want to be here next year?

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