Regina is easy to talk to and pleasant to work with. She takes time and effort to understand every student’s needs and develops a custom learning plan. She has this contagious positive energy that grows on you. She not only encourages you but pushes you to achieve your best. Regina made my investment in learning American culture and the langauge worthwhile.
— Kalyani from India

Regina’s help means others understand me better. I really like her method and personality.
— K.A. from Iran

Regina’s talent to teach not only English language, but American culture as well, has been extremely valuable for me. Regina helped me to communicate better at work and in my everyday life, but specially, she helped me to overcome the fear of not being understood. From ordering food or coffee in a cafeteria, to socializing with strangers, and performing well in a business conference call, I am grateful to have had Regina’s help!
— Tania Del Rio from Mexico

Working with Regina has been a wonderful investment in my professional career where clear phone conversations and presentations are essential. I was thrilled when Regina’s program resulted in a reduction of mispronounced phrases that were distracting at best and causing miscommunication at worst. After just one session and the completion of my five minute weekly homework assignment my family noticed improvement and complimented me on correctly pronounced words I had had difficulties with. Regina armed me with exercises I can continue on my own to keep progressing in blending phrases to truly sound like a native speaker. The speed and ease with which we accomplished my first goal was beyond my expectations. What I appreciated most about working with Regina was her ability to flexibly schedule in-person and online learning and practice sessions that fit my busy work and family schedule and deliver the expected results and then some.
— Anja Van Ostrand from Germany