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Sports termSports definitionIdiomatic use
Hail Mary (football)Using your final seconds on a pass play.Adjective or noun. Describes a final desperate effort.
Strike out (baseball)To fail to connect or swing at three pitches in the strike zone. Verb. To fail.
On the ropes (boxing)Describes a boxer pinned against the ropes that surround the ring.Phrasal adjective. experiencing circumstances in which success seems unlikely.
Drop the ball (several)An error committed by a player that isn’t forced by the defense, such as dropping a fly ball or fumbling a handoff. Verb. To disappoint or fail to perform in a way that negatively affects others.
Slam dunk (basketball)To put the basketball directly into the rim.Noun. A dramatic, forceful, act that is expected to lead to easy success.
Blind-sidedRefers to the side of the offensive line that’s out of the quarterback’s line of vision.Adjective. To be taken completely by surprise.
Verb. To take someone completely by surprise
Heavy hitter (boxing)A boxer who punches very hard.Noun. An important member of a group or organization whose actions are consistently significant/successful.
Across the board (horse racing)A bet in which equal amounts are wagered on all aspects of the race (place, finish, show)Expression. Describes an action, decision or policy that affects everyone equally.

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