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Common phrases for eating in a restaurant:

I’ll have the or I’d like the
When telling the server what you would like to eat.
Examples: I’ll have the salmon salad.
I’d like the vegetable stir fry.

How is that prepared?
When you want to know the details about what a dish has in it.
Examples: About the salt and pepper shrimp, how is that prepared?
I’m thinking about the French toast, but how is that prepared?

Could I ask you to
When you want to make a special request.
Examples: I’ll have the chilaquiles, but could I ask you to leave off the cheese?
I’d like the two scrambled eggs with bacon, but could I ask you to burn the bacon?

Yes, I’m done
Say this when a server or busser indicates they want to take away your plate, but they aren’t sure if you’re finished eating.

Could we get the check, please?

To ask for the bill so you can pay for the meal.

Do we pay you or at the front?
Ask this to find out if the server will take your payment at your table or if you have to walk up to a cash register station to pay.

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