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Still struggling to make friends in a new place?

Moving to a new town can be exciting. It can feel like a fresh start with endless new possibilities, people to meet and places to explore. And it can be lonely and painful. You had to leave everything behind: people, favorite restaurants, knowing where to find the things you buy, etc. Not feeling secure with the local language makes the disorientation and isolatation even worse, especially when the locals don’t have a lot of patience for people who don’t speak their dialect.

I not only teach you the social skills necessary for making friends with Americans, I give you opportunities to use those skills. Make friends at Welcome Dialogue social events and parties. These are casual, fun gatherings of people who know how you feel because they’ve been there. You’ll meet Americans and people from all over the world. I also host Meetups at a local bar & grill where we chat about culture and habits and share a meal.

Enjoy warmth, good conversation and food while you make new friends. At Welcome Dialogue, I not only give you the tools to make connections, I help you find your community.

Please watch this brief video.

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