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Cityscape and hands using mobiles formed from text

Yes, Welcome Dialogue covers texting, too. HuffPost’s LOL, Internet Slang Around the World gives examples of texting slang from France, China, Tunisia, India and other countries. Everyone texts in all languages and many cultures have interesting twists on the texting expressions we use in the U.S. For instance, the article reports that in the United States we use LOL (“laughing out loud”) or “Dying” to indicate amusement, but in China a similar expression includes the image of someone’s father dying of laughter. Apparently, this reflects the hierarchical aspect of Chinese culture.

Texting language can also change meaning. HuffPost says the American “LOL” is changing into an expression of sympathy rather than mirth. Do you text? Does it feel like a valid sub-language or do you find it annoying? How do you feel about texting expressions making their way into spoken communication?

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  1. Andria – it could be. I’ve also noticed more “hahaha” instead of “LOL.” I thought it was a stylistic thing, but maybe it was because the subtlety of “LOL” is changing.

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