American bad words

Bad words are also called swear words, curse words and cuss words. It’s hard to get an English instructor to tell you what the most commonly used American swear words are, so here they are. I pride myself on providing the most practical information for people who are trying to learn American culture!

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Slang expressions and idioms

Tips on American slang

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Slang & idioms

Welcome Dialogue uses original materials with the latest slang and idiomatic American expressions.

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Conversation group for English practice

Do you want to improve your American English with a friendly conversation group? Do you want to learn skills critical to life in the U.S. such as how to make small talk, how to network and how to make friends with Americans? If you live in the Chicagoland area, join the American Skills for Internationals […]

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Texting slang from all over


Yes, Welcome Dialogue covers¬†texting, too. HuffPost’s LOL, Internet Slang Around the World gives examples of texting slang from France, China, Tunisia, India and other countries. Everyone texts in all languages and many¬†cultures have interesting twists on the texting expressions we use in the U.S. For instance, the article reports that in the United States we […]

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