Why do Americans talk so much about nothing?

Many people don’t understand why Americans like to talk about unimportant things. We’ll talk to complete strangers about nothing of consequence such as the weather or how long they’ve been standing in line. Why?

While many cultures engage in friendly conversation, the reason Americans do it is a little different. For the most part, Americans tend to […]

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How to talk to Americans

Tips on small talk

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Jobs & networking

Tips on networking

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Practice in real life

Tips on common phrases

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The Art of Small Talk

One of the main ways Americans connect with each other is through small talk. We make small talk with friends, co-workers and complete strangers. Small talk uses inconsequential conversation to build rapport with someone. The subject of small talk might be the weather or plans for the upcoming weekend or a television show. It doesn’t […]

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Chatting with Americans

Americans are often quite friendly with strangers and many of us particularly enjoy striking up conversations with people from other countries. We call casual conversation chatting. But if you are just getting to know someone that you’re hoping will be a friend, be aware of what topics of conversation are good. If you would like to […]

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The rise of the continuous present

Once upon a time, American English distinguished between the simple present (I feel) and the continuous present (I am feeling). That distinction is disappearing. The American vernacular more and more uses the continuous present for sentences that used to use the present perfect, as in:

I am wanting to find out about tomorrow’s workshop.

(Instead of “I want […]

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