Why Americans think they embody freedom but really don’t

Possible member of the status quo?

When you ask an American what it means to be American, the most common word we use is freedom. Freedom was one of our core values when our original thirteen colonies battled the English army to become the United States of America. Those roots — combined with the way we […]

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A brief history of Christmas

Many Americans don’t celebrate Christmas at all, but the holiday is arguably the biggest one in the American calendar. Do you wonder about the origins of the American Christmas tradition? Here’s my summary of the History Channel’s Christmas Unwrapped: The History of Christmas. Part of our American Christmas tradition is for people to […]

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Chicago Cubs make history

I know many of you are not baseball fans. Neither am I. I don’t like sports at all, but I am a big Chicago fan and the current standing of the Chicago Cubs in the World Series is a huge cultural and historic event. You have all claimed the U.S. as your home, at least for now, so you have […]

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“I’m having a potluck”

When you hear someone say they’re having a potluck, that means they are hosting guests for a meal, but each guest will bring a part of the meal. It can be breakfast, or lunch, but most commonly people have potluck dinners. Americans love potlucks. I have them all the time. In a practical way they […]

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St. Patrick’s Day


Typical bar advertisement (note the green beer)

Wondering what St. Patrick’s Day is all about? All over the United States, St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) is celebrated with parties at grammar schools, fundraisers, decorations at places of business and people enthusiastically wearing green clothing. The tradition is that if you aren’t wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, […]

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