Coaching to help you master American skills, feel comfortable in the U.S. and increase your income!

Increase your success in the U.S. by mastering American professional skills and culture.

  • In the U.S, international professionals who speak English very well earn 20% more than those who speak English well.
  • Americans judge your English by how well they can understand your speech.
  • Knowing how to make “small talk” is critical to your success with Americans, professionally and personally.
  • Full-time American employees find their jobs through networking 80% of the time.
  • Improving your communication skills can increase your earnings by thousands of dollars.
  • Having American friends increases your social skills much faster than if you only have friends from your native country.

I will help you learnĀ these vital American skillsĀ and more. Let’s discuss your goals and get started!

  • How to talk to Americans

    Tips on small talk

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  • Job seeking and networking

    Tips on networking

    ... read more
  • Confidence speaking English

    Tips on speaking

    ... read more
  • Practice in real life

    Tips on common phrases

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  • Understanding others and being understood

    Some tips on understanding the American accent

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  • Parties, social time and conversation practice

    Upcoming Welcome Dialogue Events …read more

  • Slang expressions and idioms

    Tips on American slang

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  • Public speaking

    Tips on giving presentations

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  • Coping with loneliness

    Still struggling to make friends in a new place?

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  • Listening & comprehension

    Improve how well you can understand Americans

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  • Practice in real life

    Regina will accompany you to the places where you want to practice your skills.

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  • Improve your writing skills

    Tips on writing email

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